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SEO isn’t just an accompaniment to online marketing… It is online marketing!

No true progress is made by treating SEO and online marketing as separate entities, which is why we become fully immersed in your marketing strategy before we create any keyword, content and link strategies, no matter what kind of site you have or industry you are in.

This way, we can create coverage that doesn’t just look natural; it is natural.

Our approach to search engine optimisation encompasses every aspect of our agency, from content to conversion rates, design to development, PR to paid search, social to SEO. Led by industry thought leaders, we operate only with exceptional service levels, attentive account management and continuous reassessment of campaign direction.

That’s why we can consistently deliver results for start-ups to super-brands in the most competitive sectors in the world. From local SEO Solihull, to regional West Midland, to National UK SEO campaigns our solutions deliver results.

Key Word Strategy

Our keyword strategies have one aim: to ensure that your site is correctly structured and targeted to deliver rankings not only for your most important and lucrative search terms, but also, by utilising our Opportunity Analysis System, for the ones you may be missing. Using an unparalleled suite of state-of-the-art, in-house built, natural search analysis tools, we examine short, mid and long tail keywords to understand exactly how your users search in the buying funnel right up to the point of purchase so that your campaign can attract a wider range of smarter searchers.

Content Strategy

Users first; search engines second. A strange thing for an SEO agency to proclaim, perhaps, but not for Branded3. Our content strategies focus on creating sites that people will love. In an approach that is fuelled by our Content Marketing and Social Media teams, we apply a crucial dimension to your campaign to create a content strategy that will cement your place as an authority within your industry. Great content creates natural links, encourages natural shares and develops natural brand affinity, which inevitably attracts more valuable visitors to your website.

International Strategy

SEO doesn’t just stay at home. It spans the world and is vital in every major language, whether you’re going global or you’re already there. We cover languages from German, French and Spanish to Chinese, Japanese and Russian, so your SEO campaign can expand along with your company. It is fundamental to international SEO to know that all searchers are created equal. That’s why our approach is not to generate literal translations of your keywords, but to understand real dialects using people, not machines, even in countries where Google isn’t leading the way.

Link Strategy

To generate natural links for you, we need to assess exactly what is linkable about you. We conduct a full examination of your marketing strategy, data and assets to formulate a full and proper link strategy that will drive a clean and natural SEO campaign in the right direction. If you don’t have any particularly linkable assets, we start from the ground up and create them for you, basing everything we do on two crucial things: relevance and, therefore, trust. We maintain strong relationships with high quality bloggers and always work to strict QA guidelines.

Local & Geographical SEO

The exponential rise of mobile search has changed the way results are presented and it’s consequently changed the way we work. Our local SEO strategies focus on the fact that users are often presented with local results, even for searches without local modifiers, ahead of standard results that are unrelated to geographical location. We always have our fingers on the pulse, which means that we can react to every algorithm alteration to ensure that you always appear to the people that matter to you and you always give them the information that matters to them.

E-commerce SEO

The competitive and complex nature of e-commerce necessitates a different kind of SEO. As an interdependent digital search agency, we offer an inter-departmental approach to e-commerce to not only recognise which are your most important pages, but to pinpoint their ideal structure for maximum return. Onsite optimisation, game-changing link building techniques and daily performance tracking are the unwavering activities that allow us to go above and beyond your users’ expectations and above and beyond your competitors when it comes to rankings.

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Monthly Retainer

With our clear and simple regular payment structure our clients pay a set fee each month for an agreed-upon array of services. The monthly retainer is our most popular payment model, because it provides the greatest ROI. Our monthly retainer arrangements include regular analytics reports, on-site content improvements, press releases, link building, keyword research, and optimization.


Prices Start From £299/month

SEO Website Audits and One Off Contracts

Not quite ready for a monthly retainer? Try us out on a one off contract. Our SEO website audit is a great way to help determine existing strengths and weaknesses in out client’s online presence, undertake a competitive analysis, as well as identify keywords that have the highest potential to return positive ROI.