Our Range of SSL Certificates

SSL 123

Essential Security
  • Right for new sites which need essential security.
  • Vetting & Domain checks
  • Warranty N/A
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Web Server Certificate

Security by a trusted brand
  • Right for start up businesses looking for branded protection.
  • Vetting & Extra Domain checks
  • Warranty up to £10,000
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SGC Super Cert

Extra Authentication
  • Right for growing businesses who want to give their customers extra confidence.
  • Vetting, Domain & Business checks
  • Warranty up to £75,000
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Protect Your Visitors

Protect your customers financial and personal information.


256 Bit Encryption

All customer communication within your site is encrypted with an SSL cert.

Build Confidence

Demonstrate to your customers that you care about the security of your site. It builds confidence and shows a level of professionalism.

Keep your visitors secure and protect your data

You might have a shiny, impressive website, but if visitors don’t feel secure using it, all your efforts will count for nothing. The question of trust always looms large online, especially when it comes to asking visitors to submit their sensitive information. Nobody provides credit card details unless they feel completely safe. That’s why you need to prove your site is 100% secure – and SSL Certificates do just that.

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